Griddlers Deluxe is one more way to give your brains a good rest and develop quick wit simultaneously. No matter what language you speak: it's a language independent logic game.

To play this puzzle is simple as black and white, yet the game play is challenging and deductive. You must use the given numbers and paint the given grid in a certain way, so that the 'hidden' picture will show through the grid. You can solve black-and-white or colored puzzles or hide your own image in that puzzle and ask someone to solve it. Playing this game is now more fun than ever. Solution errors mode will show your errors while you are tackling the puzzle; special hot keys will assist you with the game; a wrong move can be cancelled. You can choose your own color and style for the puzzle grid. What's more, you can print and solve your chosen puzzle on paper.

Smart tips on successful playing will share secrets with you every time you enter the game, however if you are still at a loss for a way to succeed in this game, visit our website and read the rules then. Apart from that, hundreds of griddlers to solve are on open access on the game's website, so now playing Griddlers Deluxe becomes the ultimate pleasure.

Key features:
-Built-in editor for creating your own griddlers;
-Easy, yet useful to play;
-New cool design, intuitive interface combining many features;
-Hundreds of griddlers on the game's website;
-Available for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

What's New:

New rules of gameplay
New collections of griddlers