Info Angel is a reliable partner for those who value their information ant time.

This personal manager will help you create documents with its text editor similar to Microsoft Word, store contact information about your friends and colleagues, work in the Internet with its built-in browser and plan your time.

The Info Angel program stores all data in the form of a tree similar to Windows Explorer, which allows you to quickly manage and access any information.

Use the Info Angel organizer at home, in the office even in education. Info Angel can work with several databases alternating and accessing information easily. Install Info Angel onto a portable flash disk enables a user to access information on any computer. No need to worry about the security of your data because the organizer allows you to protect any records with a password.

The distribution package of the program Info Angel contains a lot of aphorisms and sayings that will be displayed each time you start the program and will considerably increase your range of knowledge. Info Angel has a demo database for your convenience - to show you the potential and help you learn how to use the program in a shorter time.

Try the free version of the organizer and take 30 days to decide how much easier Info Angel makes your life.

What's New:
[+] Skin support: Office 2003, Office XP, Aluminium, Stripe and others
[*] Numerous interface improvements
[*] New demo database
[+] The support of the German language
[-] Some bugs are fixed

[+] All data is now presented as one tree, no switching between the "Notes", "Contacts", "Favorites" modes
[*] The interface of the program is now more simple and usable
[+] The new help file contains much more information about using the program
[+] Now it is possible to select several items in the tree in order to move or delete them
[+] Now it is possible to move items up and down the tree
[*] The interface of the program for working with contacts is improved
[*] The work with the tree is now more comfortable and quick due to optimized algorithms
[*] The search dialog box shows the progress of searching
[+] The tree supports two viewing modes: user-defined and automatic sorting by names
[*] Displaying toolbars is improved
[*] More complete support of Windows XP themes
[*] The "About" dialog box is modified
[*] The "Tip of the Day" dialog box is modified
[+] The number of quotations for "Tip of the Day" has been increased to 100
[+] The built-in browser can check if there is an Internet connection
[*] The new interface of the installation wizard
[-] Some bugs are fixed