CPUMon is a simple little gadget for monitoring CPU performance from your desktop. It displays a real-time graph of CPU performance as well as current usage indicator. Features include user defined colors, transparency, alpha-blending, adjustable update rates, layout presets, window locking, constantly updated CPU speed for mobile and speed step processors, tray icon mode, statistics, memory usage, and more. It comes integrated with a sophisticated processor detection toolkit which provides detailed CPU information, list of supported CPU features and other specifics.

What's New:

  • Implemented alternative CPU frequency detection using Win32_Processor WMI provider.
  • Replaced static tray icons with dynamically drawn icons, giving a refreshed look.
  • Use system defined tray icon sizes for better graphics on high-DPI systems.
  • Internal code cleanup.
  • Updated copyright information.
  • Recreate icon when taskbar is recreated (Explorer restarts).
  • Cleanup tray icon code.
  • Automatically deactivate registration when uninstalling.
  • Added hint to run as administrator when failed to apply system settings.
  • Removed donation link (donations are discontinued in favor of "Pro" version).
  • Added confirmation dialog before unregistering the product.
  • License expiration is checked against UTC date instead of local.