FastReport Studio for business contains powerful standalone visual report designer, scheduler of reports building, saving and distribution. Also it includes many demo samples of reports as well as work methods together with MS Access and MS Excell office applications.

FastReport Studio for developers includes powerful full-value COM+ program interface for further verification and managing of report building and handling; command line interface for report building and bringing out management; file package for end-user free application distribution; development means and examples sources.

- Common features: Powerful, compact, and flexible environment for creating reports; Compatible with various development environments, which supports COM model (Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft CSharp.NET, Microsoft Visual Fox Pro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, and so on); Includes set of language resources for 27 languages.

- Data sources: Microsoft ADO engine; Data supplied by application; Data generated by built-in script.

- Supported report types and data processing: Free-form; Simple list; Multilevel groups; Multilevel master-detail;
Multicolumn; Cross-tabs; Charts; Labels; Nested reports (subreports); Special dot-matrix reports to print on dot-matrix printers; Interactive (dialogs, hyperlinks, etc); All of above in any combination.

- Preview, print, and export: Friendly WYSIWYG interface; Multipage, continuous, side-by-side previews; Outline support; Search text in preview window; Edit report in preview window; Print on any local and network printers, including dot-matrix printers; Export in PDF, RTF, Microsoft Excel, XML, HTML, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, plain text, and CSV formats.

- Report design: Built-in report designer with customizable interface; In-place editing, zooming, rulers, guides and undo/redo; Three types of grid: centimeters, inches, pixels; Script editor; Visual SQL Query builder + added new VB6 demos: Pictures,UserDataset and Dynamic report.

What's New:
- fixed bug with styles and numbers format in the XML export
- fixed bug with continuous mode in the XML export
- fixed bug with character height in PDF export
- fixed aggregare error (comma in the field name)
* update Portuguese resources
- fixed compatibility with TLargeIntField
- fixed bug with DefaultPath in XLS export+ added Charset property to IfrxFont interface
+ added OldStyleProgress property to IfrxReport interface added new VB6
+ example of using ActiveX previews
* ActiveX implemetation fixes
- fixed bug with RichText objects intersection in RTF export
+ added IfrxCustomCrossView, IfrxCrossView, IfrxDBCrossView interfaces
! renamed elements of frxSeriesSortOrder enumeration due to naming conflict: soNone -> so_None, soAscending -> so_Ascending, soDescending -> so_Descending

+ added IPersistPropertyBag interface to TfrxPreviewX ActiveX object
+ added Delphi for .NET example - keep reports in database added
+ IfrxRichView interface added new Delphi for .NET demos (DataSetDemo
+ and StreamExample) added unicode support in HTML, "Rich Text" (RTF)
+ and XML exports added clipping in the preview added printer fonts to
+ fontname combobox added transparency/backcolor to rich object
* initial support of VB6 events
* modified C# Pictures example: Now it shows pictures from a demo table.
* modified C# StreamExample: Now it demonstrates how to keep reports on
database server.
* added streaming methods to IfrxPictureView interface
* changes in the databand editor
* "Pictures" checkbox changed to combobox (none/jpeg/bmp/gif) in HTML export
* "Styles" checkbox changed to "Continuous" in XLS and XML export dialog
* update Danish resources
* update Dutch resources
* update Brazilian resources
- fixed C++ ActiveX demo
- fixed method SelectDataset of IfrxReport.
- fixed 'Size' property of the .NET Stream warapper
- fixed IfrxReport::SelectDataset method. Corrected behaviour for deselection (Selected = false).
- fixed IfrxComponent::FindObject method. It does not throw exception anymore in .NET environment
- fixed ADO DataBase property of ADO Query and ADO Table. Now it can be set to zero.
- fixed bug with incorrect codepage detection for page navigator in HTML export
- fixed bug with incorrect export of EAN barcodes (digits beyond of border were croped)
- fixed incorrect page breaks in RTF export
- fixed shift problem
- fixed monochrome bitmaps stretching
- fixed copying grouped objects
- fixed vband&overlay error
- fixed setting of printer parameters
- fixed KeepFooter + aggregate functions
- fixed ado query parameters
- fixes in database/table/query wizard
- fixed bug with font charset in RTF export
- fixed preview painting bug
- fixed bug with rich when no printers installed
- fixed copies in dmp export
- fixed rtf expression parser
- fixed bug with RTL reading brackets in PDF export
- fixed input chinese chars in dialog controls
- fixed shift behavior
- fixed bug with right align and non-zero charspacing in PDF export
- fixed bug with underline in HTML export
- fixed overlay+keeptogether bug
- fixed large font issues
- fixed html tags