WindowFX is the best way PC users can spice up their systems look-and-feel while still adding productivity benefits (such as maximizing windows to a specific size). WindowFX adds special effects "fx" to your Windows experience. Effects include shadows under windows, min/max/close/open animations, window dragging effects, window scaling, window tiling, alt-tab task switching options, taskbar preview thumbnails, and much more. Choose from over 30 animated effects for windows when they open, close, minimize and restore. Several of these include substyles for different animation types. Also explore over 20 Start menu animations. WindowFX has a "window flick" option that allows you to add movements, fade windows and add speed to quickly throw your windows around your monitor.

WindowFX takes advantage of your video card to provide the effects without losing down your computer. WindowFX is, bar none, the most advanced visual enhancement utility for Microsoft Windows. No other program comes even remotely close to what it can do.

What's New:

  • Over 30 new animated effects for window actions. (Windows 7 Required)
  • WindowFX-style wobbly window animations.
  • Desktop icon display controls.
  • Over 20 Start menu animations (Windows 7 only).