CoolTabs is a powerful application designed to tidy up your desktop and provide a fast way for organizing and opening your applications, folders, shortcuts and documents which you frequently access.

The CoolTabs application fully supports the Drag and Drop technology, so each shortcut can be set by dragging & dropping any file, folder, or even URL on the dock cell. Want to download an URL? Don't make the unwanted movements, just drag & drop it on a folder shortcut. Want to upload a file on a personal FTP server? Don't launch a massive FTP client, just drag & drop the file on a ftp-server shortcut. That's all. Even if you want to send a document to any mail recipient, just drag & drop it on email shortcut.

The CoolTabs applications will simplify and speed up every aspect of daily work on your computer considerably. It can be attached to any side of the screen, so it does not take up the valuable place on your space when it is not active. You can have as many different docks as you would like, with very flexible settings for each one. Set hotkeys, colors, fonts, textures. Make a dock to be semi-transparent. Choose the size of icons displayed, whether the names of the items are shown, and much more.

You can have multiple layers of items in docks, clicking on the folder tabs shown above to choose between them. No more having to open endless folders by folders. Say goodbye to those annoying shortcuts covering your desktop. CoolTabs provides you instant access to every single item on your desktop.


* Quick and simple access to the most frequently used actions.
* Able to organize and open URLs, shortcuts, folders, pictures, sounds, and virtually everything.
* Virtually unlimited amount of docks.
* Horizontal or vertical orientation, different icon sizes.
* Full support of the Drag & Drop technology.
* Quick Downloads/Uploads by Dragging & Dropping.
* E-mail Attachments by Dragging & Dropping.
* Clean up and arrange options.
* Automatic ToolTips to show hidden names of items.
* Docks can be attached to any side of the screen.
* Always-On-Top option.
* Configurable translucency options.
* Configurable hotkeys, custom icons and colors for each dock item.
* Customizable appearance with colors, fonts, sizes and textures.
* Configurable sound events.
* Fully Functional Recycle Bin!
* Hot Edges - the ability to set edge areas of the screen that would react to the pointer and bring the application to the front.
* Assignable system-wide Hot Keys.
* Ability to Save/Open docks.
* Multi-Language Interface.
* Docks are able to be shown/hidden with Smooth Sliding Effect.
* Ability to remove an item from the dock by dragging it's icon off the dock (to the desktop or any place else). The item will disappear with a "poof" effect.
* Balloon Help.
* InfoTips like in Windows Explorer.
* Configurable Auto-Backup/Restore options.

What's new in CoolTabs 2.0

* Vastly improved performance.
* Fully optimized for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Sever.
* Half of the code has been re-written and re-designed for better performance and scalability.
* Improved graphical capabilities with adaptation of the GDI+ graphic library.
* Completely new persistence mechanism using XML serialization.
* Completely new msi-based installer.
* Redesigned and improved interface providing easier access to all powerful features.
* Improved dock appearance, including wallpapers, textures, configurable grid lines.
* New text effects including 3D-text and semi-transparent background.
* Added support for dock appearance themes, they can be easily created or customized.
* Fast switch between appearance themes.
* Instant preview of appearance modifications.
* Any dock can be docked into other docks.
* Attached docks can be resized.
* A new feature to roll up a dock by double-clicking its title bar.
* Improved dock's system menu.
* Overlay icons for items with HFM (Hierarchical Folder Menu).
* Improved infotips.
* New application icon.
* Many of under the hood tweaks.