Print a directory tree of an entire disk or a single directory. Find duplicate files, rename files, and maintain your files.


Easy to use

  • Directory Report is so easy to use since it looks just like the Microsoft Explorer (screen shot)

High quality and Enterprise ready

  • Directory Report can scan over 9 million files

The main screen shows the total size of each directory

  • As you open each folder - the total sizes of their subdirectories are shown
  • Directory Report always shows the folder size
  • This quickly shows you where all your disk space is going
  • It enables you to quickly drill down and find disk space hogs

Directory Report is so easy to use since it looks just like the MS Explorer, but in addition, it has two more columns:

  • Size of the directory,
  • Size of the directory including all subdirectories

Directory Report helps you find and clean up the following problems:

  • Find huge files left over even after uninstalling programs
  • New computers come with pre-installed bloatware
  • Find huge crash dump files
  • Find huge files that you forgot about (Videos)

For each owner, show their total number of files and total bytes

  • This is ideal for network maintenance
  • It will show you who is using up all your valuable network disk space
  • (Before scanning - select the option: Largest / Compute Largest Owner)

Do you want to see all files owned by a certain user?

  • Display the largest files screen
  • Turn on the file owner column
  • Sort by file owner or Enter the user name as a filter

What's New:

  • Bug fixes