Print a directory tree of an entire disk or a single directory


Prints .DLL, .EXE version information
Prints .AVI, .MP3, .MSI, and .WAV properties
Prints to a printer, text file, Excel file or HTML file
Prints cyclic redundancy checksum (CRC)
Finds duplicate files
Find duplicate files based on name and/or size and/or CRC checksum
Finds duplicate directories
Rename files based on MP3 tags
Multiple file rename
Multiple file change date
Multiple file change owner
Directory compare
File compare
Displays file owner
Finds encrypted files and directories
Finds protected directories
Reports total file size - totaled by file owners
Bulk copying of massive amount of files
Shows directory size without right clicking
Shows the largest directories on your computer

What's New:

- Version 25.1 uses memory more efficiently so that it can scan over 7 million files