SensorsView Pro is a program that monitors temperature of CPU, motherboard, hard disks, voltages, and fan speeds. This program informs you about critical values of any parameters of your system (e.g. about overheating the processor or a stop of fans).

New features:

* Sending emails at alarms.
* The big chart saves all history from the start of the program.
* Event log (various types of events, status of email sending, recording the current readings every minute).
* Displaying physical memory usage.

New supported chips:

* W83L784, W83L785
* LM63, LM85, LM87
* ADM1027, ADM1028, ADM1030, ADM1031
* MAX1617, MAX1618, MAX1619
* VT1211, GL523, THMC50, ADT7476, EMC6D103
* added SiS SMBus support.
* fixed a bug with ATI SMBus support.
* fixed a bug with AMD SMBus support.
* fixed a bug with ALi SMBus support.