DoubleSafety is an easy-to-use program intended to automatically back up important data to your hard disk, the local area network, a CD or DVD. Compressed backups (in the zip format) save space and incremental backups save time.

Thanks to the built-in scheduler, you can stop worrying about the safety of your data. DoubleSafety makes backups of your data in a fully automatic mode. You can also use any other scheduler to schedule items to be backed up.

The convenient setup wizards of DoubleSafety make the process of creating backup copies easy even for a beginner, but advanced options are also available.

What's new in this version:

[+] Full Windows Vista support
[+] Custom filter settings for separate folders in backup set
[+] Supports burning on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD
[*] The verification speed for checking the last burned CD has increased considerably
[+] Differential backup type
[+] ZIP password protection
[*] The encryption speed has been increased considerably
[*] It is now possible to recover data from the encrypted archive using WinZip or WinRar


Are you afraid of losing your documents? Photos from your childhood that you've stored for years can disappear in a flash, right? Now there is a solution to these problems!

DoubleSafety is a perfect tool for ensuring the safety of your valuable data. Only DoubleSafety offers double protection for your data. DoubleSafety not only backs up you data, but also encrypts it! So nobody except you will be able to use your data. Ease of use, incredible performance rate, flexible settings for any situation --- only DoubleSafety will offer you all that.

If you still doubt it, install DoubleSafety right now absolutely free of charge and provide your data with double protection for 30 days.