Contextual menu plugin that makes it possible to view/edit/print image files without launching any applications. Also it has various other functions like add/remove thumbnail icons, rename image files, convert images files to a different format, etc.


- Preview images quickly without launching any application.
- It supports some basic image retouch functions like scaling, triming, filter processing. So you do not have to launch heavy photo editing software for simple retouching.
- It supports batch rename, adding and deleting thumbnail icons, and converting to other image format.

What's New:

What's New in This Release:

* Added progress dialog display to 'Add Thumbnail Icon' and 'Convert Image' functions, which let users cancel the operation anytime in the middle.
* Increased the speed of making thumbnail icon (3 times faster than before) by eliminating of generating small icons. (Now only 128x128 dot icon is generated).
* Added a preference option whether to add or not to add black frame to thumbnail icons.
* Improved the image quality of thumbnail icons.
* Added 'Delete Resource Fork' function which eliminates extra data from image files in addition to thumbnail icons.
* Added Label button to the main view window, which let users add/remove label easily for organizing images.
* Changed all blank menu items to separator lines in pulldown menu at main view dialog.
* Fixed a bug of undo/redo processing during file switching back and forth.