The AOL Explorer Release Candidate (Build 1.5001.6.1) is now available for download. This build features bug fixes and backend enhancements otherwise invisible to the user.

AOL Explorer 1.5 introduces these all-new improvements and features:

* Desktop Widgets - Your favorite Side Panels can now be "torn off" and used independently of the AOL Explorer experience - on your computer, on your desktop, wherever.
* Themes - Use the Theme Chooser to select one of 5 original themes to customize the look of your AOL Explorer.
* RSS Screen Saver - Select this feature to display your selected RSS Feed Headlines as a dynamic screensaver.
* Thumbnail on Hyperlinks - Thumbnails have been taken to the next step! Hover over hyperlinks to view a preview of the target page.
* Improved RSS Panel - An improved RSS Feed panel has been added to AOL Explorer 1.5.