Sticky Windows transforms your windows into tabs when you drag a window towards the edge of your screen. Providing you with a completely clutter-free workspace. By clicking on the tab the user can show and hide the window.

The tab can be created by dragging a window on the left or the bottom or the right side of the main screen. Each tab displays the window title as well as the associated application icon. The tab's icon provides a contextual menu which offers some useful commands (show/hide window, close tab, switch)

To remove a tab, simply drag it away from the screen edge, or choose "Close Tab" from the tab's context menu. If the window is not currently visible when the tab is dismissed, the original window is re-displayed on the screen.

A behavior similar to Sticky Windows was available in the Finder of Mac OS 9. However the handy feature which Sticky Windows adds to Mac OS X is now available for any application (non only for the Finder) and tabs can be created in the 3 free sides of the screen (not only the bottom side as in OS 9).

What's New:

* Extends the tab browsing experience to the desktop