Rapid PHP is the most complete all-in-one software for coding PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web development languages with tools for debugging, validating, reusing, navigating and formatting your code.

What's New:

Version 2020 introduces a number of refinements as well as some long awaited productivity-boosting features such as slim, dockable search windows and split editing of the same document.

Radically improved search and replace - slim, dockable search windows, improved UI

  • Split editing of the same file
  • Updated Chrome preview version
  • Updated HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP language support and features
  • Address many of the suggestions from our customers accumulated over the last 3 years
  • Large number of new and rewritten features

New search and replace features

  • Compact, dockable search windows
  • Search windows can be docked or undocked
  • Easy switch between find and find in files
  • Recent searches and saved searches
  • Saved search editor
  • Improved regular expression support, now supports \n, \r, \t
  • Improved go to bookmark (more text in sight)
  • Goto anything now works also with spaces
  • Updated search results appearance, less clutter, more contrast
  • Everything looks great also in dark UI style

Improved user interface

  • Split editing of the same document in multiple tabs
  • Easy file tab arrangement in columns or rows
  • Code explorer now remembers opened branches when switching languages or refreshing
  • Search feature for snippet library

Improved text editor

  • Improved behavior with non-standard width chars (escape characters, Chinese characters etc.)
  • Updated word navigation (Ctrl + Left and Ctrl + Right)
  • Shift + scroll will now work horizontally as well
  • Horizontal scrolling with touchpad now supported
  • Newlines are no longer shown as hidden character by default


  • File explorer menu now supports Upload / Reload for entire folders
  • Improved download / upload behavior - logical corresponding target folder selection
  • Move and duplicate features for remote files
  • FTP window GUI improvements
  • FTP panel now has current project's FTP outlined as separate item
  • Improved compatibility with latest SSH servers

Improved preview features

  • Chromium 70 integration provides fresh Chrome preview
  • External preview in Edge now possible
  • User-defined bookmarklets can now be added to the preview by advanced users (see documentation)
  • Accessibility Auditor bookmarklet added as a sample
  • Improved HTML and CSS support
  • Improved named color support for CSS checker
  • @page is now correctly supported in syntax highlighter
  • !important is now highlighted separately
  • Updated CSS syntax highlighter
  • Updated CSS definitions to include scrollbar customization properties and some other new properties
  • F1 language help now uses MDN reference for HTML

Improved JavaScript support

  • React and Vue.js support
  • Major JavaScript auto complete update
  • ES6 reserved words (e.g. static, private etc.) are now highlighted
  • JavaScript template literal support
  • Code explorer now supports let
  • JavaScript classes are now supported in code explorer and auto complete
  • Both node.js and ES6 requires/imports are supported>
  • Constants are now supported