XP32 3.5.6

Access more than 80 Windows XP hidden system settings.


Quick Facts

Windows 2k/XP
1.4 MB
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XP32 allows you to access more than 80 Windows XP hidden system settings that reduce memory usage, speed up graphics, improve hard disk performance, and eliminate unnecesssary CPU usage.

If your XP computer seems slow or sluggish, XP32 can allow you to safely gain control of the elements that slow it down. For new computers, XP32 prevents malicious programs and downloads from degrading your system's performance.

XP32 Features:

Access 85 hidden system settings
Sits in your system tray and protects your system
Easily undo changes
Save your settings
Low memory footprint
Low CPU usage
Simple operation. No need to be a computer expert
Try before you buy
Free updates anytime for version 3
Contains no spyware or adware