Ultra Recall is a personal information / knowledge / document management application for Microsoft Windows. It helps you capture, organize, and recall all of your electronic documents and information across all the applications that you use.

Stop Losing Information
Because Ultra Recall can manage all your data regardless of its source, you don't have to wonder where your data is or how to retrieve it. Store your data in Ultra Recall with the confidence that when you need it, you can recall it on demand.

Consolidate Your Data
The typical computer user has important data in many locations and in a variety of formats. Ultra Recall eases this daunting data management task with its comprehensive file and data format support, advanced organization capabilities, high performance, and dependability. Instead of maintaining parallel sets of information segregated by their type or source, link them all together logically in Ultra Recall.

Organize Your Information the Way You Think
Have you tried other PIM applications only to be let down by being forced to layout your data in a way that is confusing or counter to your style? Given up trying to find a tool that makes sense to you? Ultra Recall provides unprecedented organizing flexibility. Give Ultra Recall a try and you'll find that instead of forcing you to change, it can adapt to you!

Solve the Needle-in-a-Haystack Syndrome
Many of us fall prey to the overflowing Inbox, the ever-expanding My Documents folder, or an overwhelming bookmark list because these methods of data organization are simply too limited, too confusing, or too inconvenient. Even the most dedicated organizers are frustrated by spending sigificant time storing their information, then struggling to retrieve it when it is needed. Leverage the advanced searching capabilities of Ultra Recall and experience the unexpected: data on demand!

Secure your Sensitive Information
Have information that you want to ensure stays private? Is Windows-based file/folder encryption either 1) not available, 2) too confusing, or 3) too difficult to manage? Ultra Recall is your solution! With its integral 256-bit encryption at your fingertips, you can secure your information with ease, knowing it is safe and available with a single password.

Backup your data (and know it can be recovered!)
We all know we should back up our data, but many of us either don't have the time or knowledge to successfully implement a backup strategy that ensures what is important will actually be protected. By placing your data and files in Ultra Recall, you can safely and easily back up a single Ultra Recall database with complete confidence that in the event of computer failure, your data is safe.