AntiDuplicate is a software development kit for creation of USB hardware keys that allow to protect your applications against unauthorized use and illegal copying. With AntiDuplicate you prepare hardware keys (dongles, software protection tokens) from your ordinary USB flash drives (pen drives, USB memory sticks).

We use the term AntiDuplicate drive to refer to your USB flash drive after the process completes.
AntiDuplicate drive is a robust anti-piracy dongle or security key and the media for software distribution in the same device.

AntiDuplicate drives will contain unique information that is readable only by your application. Each instance of your application protected via AntiDuplicate has a key USB flash drive that must be plug into a USB port when your application is running.

To communicate with the protected devices, programmers can use our SDK sample projects in such programming languages as Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET, PowerBASIC, Visual FoxPro, WinDev, PureBasic, REALBasic (REAL Studio), Free Pascal Compiler (Lazarus), Embarcadero & Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, HTBasic, Intel Visual Fortran.

AntiDuplicate SDK allows you to quickly and easily make and use USB hardware keys on any modern Windows computer.


  • Your SDK is exclusive. Your AntiDuplicate DLLs are compiled especially for you; encoding techniques are unique for each DLL.
  • Identification information cannot be destroyed by formatting of the AntiDuplicate drive.
  • USB drive's write protection at the hardware level(1)(2).
  • If you choose this option, files and data on your USB drives cannot be changed or erased.
  • Your application can write and read your own encoded data (up to 1 KB) to/from the hidden USB drive's area(1).
  • AntiDuplicate drive can be created without any files and directories on it.
  • You can use callback functions, notifying your application that an AntiDuplicate drive is inserted or removed.
  • Using AntiDuplicate, you may distribute demo version of your application on USB key drives and transform it into commercial version remotely.

1. Only applicable to AntiDuplicate Professional Edition.
2. For some USB drive's hardware configurations.

What's New:

  • Internal optimization.
  • Windows 10 2004 compatibility.