The winamp ipod plugin (aka ml_ipod) is a plugin for winamp. It allows you to manage your iPod from within the winamp media library. It supports all kinds of iPods, from the classic first generation iPods, to the iPod mini, photo, nano and shuffle and everything in between.

Important note: A new style of iPod support called pmp_ipod is built into Winamp version 5.2 and above (and was developed by the former lead developer of ml_ipod). ml_ipod is therefore offered as an alternative for those who find the inbuilt iPod support lacking in features.

What's New:

Version 3.06 - 09/09/2008 (Abu)

* new: sync playlist tree with specially named WA playlists, e.g. "My best / Part 1 / Angel" (FR:2024972)
* new: podcasts get correct release date on iPod (if downloaded with Winamp)
* new: warning for incompatible iPhone FW 2.x
* fixed: substitute ":" with "-" in coverart lookup, like Winamp does it
* fixed #1967801: Smart Playlists with albumartist emptying at eject
* fixed: creation of first subplaylist in a folder
* fixed #2030742: newly created or synced playlists did not show up immediately
* fixed: prefixAlbumsWithYear from v2.01 caused problems if user really has albums named in format "[2001] albumname", see
* fixed: podcast sync state persisted even after sync finished
* internal: some more debug output for iPhone connection