A companion that eases and speeds up your everyday computer activities, whether that is writing, text editing, programming, searching and collecting information, sending and responding to email, messaging and chatting, or any or all of those.

What these activities have in common is that you are working with text.

Speed Up and Smarten Up The Way You Work with Text on Your PC

  • AceText extends the Windows clipboard, enabling you to copy and paste like never before.
  • Take notes, jot down ideas and keep important information at your fingertips.
  • Keep common messages and templates to quickly communicate via email or instant messaging.
  • Write emails, reports, documents and web sites faster with common text snippets and templates.
  • Store and move around blocks of text to easily edit complex documents.
  • Keep a digital scrapbook or diary.
  • Gather, research and compile information.
  • Create and publish a knowledge base or FAQ.
  • Instantly find previously saved snippets throughout all your AceText collections.
  • And much more! Take advantage of AceText's versatility to speed up and smarten up all your PC activities that involve text.

What's New:

In AceText 4 the ClipHistory toolbar has many new commands. The Automatic Capture toggle button replaces the checkbox that was in the Operation preferences. Auto Split does the opposite of Auto Append. Move to Top, Move to Bottom, and Reverse Clips let you rearrange the clips in the ClipHistory. All these commands are now also available in the right-click menu on the ClipHistory panel.

AceText has a new dark theme that makes AceText's entire user interface use white text with black and dark gray backgrounds. You can toggle this theme with the Options|Dark Theme menu item. Toggling the theme also toggles the color palettes that you selected in the Appearance preferences if they have a light or dark companion palette. In version 4.0.0 the edit controls did not immediately use the color palette that was toggled to. This is now fixed.

The print preview for printing a collection now has a What to Print button that lets you select which kinds of clips and which parts of those clips should be included in the printout. AceText now remembers your choices. Future printouts will automatically use the same settings until you change them via the What to Print button.

The print preview has a Font & Layout button that lets you select a different text layout (which also determines the font) for printing. AceText 3 already had this. But AceText 4.0.0 broke it. Changing the text layout resulted in an overly large font. This has been fixed.

Live spelling, which you can toggle via the Options menu, also works on the edit control for clip labels and folder labels in AceText 4. But double-clicking a misspelled word in the label did not keep it selected when the spell check dialog appeared if selections were not persistent (which you can toggle in the Options menu too). If you clicked the Replace button on the spell checker or double-clicked a suggested replacement then the replacement would be inserted after the misspelled word instead of replacing the misspelled word. In AceText 4.0.1 the misspelled word will be replaced even when selections are not persistent.

AceText 4.0.1 is once again compatible with Windows XP SP3. AceText 4.0.0 would crash upon startup. Windows XP without SP3 is not supported.