The registered version adds a thesaurus and a multilingual spell checker.

NoteTab Pro is a leading-edge text editor and HTML coding tool, and an ideal Notepad replacement. Winner of top shareware industry awards since 1998, this elegant application does it all: you can handle multiple large files with a simple tabbed interface, use a spell-checker and thesaurus, format text, use multiple undo, and bookmark documents. You can build templates, use powerful system-wide searches, and do global multi-line replacements.

Its Clipbook feature lets you create and organize clips, which can range from text macros to complete mini-applications, using a simple scripting language with enough features to satisfy any power user; a bunch of handy clip libraries is included.

Web authors will love the HTML clip library, just one of a load of features that make NoteTab a great code-based HTML editor. Other gems include text-to-HTML conversion, tag stripping, and tools for adding links and color codes.


* Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/2003/XP/XP64
* 4 MB of free disk space
* 32 MB of RAM

What's New:

* Full support with multi-user and network environments.
* Can be run reliably from a user \"Limited Account\".
* Improved user-interface appearance under Windows XP.
* Added new print engine with Print Preview tool.
* NoteTab Pro breaks line lengths limit.
* Improved Undo feature in NoteTab Pro.
* Improved opening files through the Windows Shell and Send To feature.
* Powerful new regex engine based on PCRE (Perl 5 compatible).
* Clip-code additions and improvements.
* Added support for IntelliComplete Server (
* Fixed issue opening HTML documents in Firefox.
* Many other minor improvements and bug fixes.
* Revised license pricing.
* Updated documentation