This software allows the user to perform drag-and-drop disk imaging on the fly.
This is helpful for quick imaging (where Apple's disk utility may prove too complicated).

Both the program's window, and the dock icon can be used for drop imaging. There are currently twelve (12) compression formats that the user can select from (UDZO, UDCO, etc.). Users may also choose to make internet enable disk images. Verbose preference, and log window help users hide/display additional information about the current image.

The newly added "Images" menu contains a slew of options for use with disk images. This is accompanied by the addition of adjustable compresion levels in preferences (with UDZO format only), the option to overwrite exising files, and and option to quit after imaging on dock drop launch.. Users can also now ecnrypt (password protect) images with the click of a button, and more! Keep checking back.

What's New:

- Uses new version of rtf2r (1.3), which corrects endian issues with styl resources
- Uses new toolbar and application icons