PureSync by Jumping Bytes is a Windows program to synchronize files and folders, and to do backups e.g. automatically in the background.


FTP reprogrammed:

  • Now correct support for special, asiatic, ... characters - ; in file and folder names now supported
  • Improved speed
  • Better error handling

Renamed and moved folders:

  • Reprogrammed
  • Renamed and moved folders in renamed and moved folders are now detected
  • File in renamed and moved folders are now detected
  • WOL (Wake on LAN) now supported: (settings -> At startup -> Execute these action(s)))

Implemented and own log viewer:

  • Timeline
  • Filter/search
  • Colored

Improved tree view

Improved tray icon:

  • Better animation
  • A hotkey can be defined to access the menu

Shadow copies:

  • Can now be created and deleted
  • Can be mounted as drive

Volume Mount Points:

  • Free space in now retrieved correctly

Fixed bugs:

  • Exceptions for Symlinks