Cocktail gives you access to hidden features of your disks, system, files, network and interface.

It is a smooth, powerful and simple to use utility with all major features arranged in five basic categories and a "Pilot" that lets you maintain your system with one click of the button.


  • Enable or disable journaling.
  • Repair disk permissions.
  • Set disk spindown time.


  • Prebind and re-prebind entire system or selected folder.
  • Run cron scripts.
  • Change startup mode and language.
  • Modify sleep settings.
  • Force empty trash.
  • Rebuild Launch Services database.
  • Update whatis and locate databases.


  • Delete locked or inaccessible items.
  • Delete invisible DS Store files.
  • Clean system, user and Internet caches.
  • View, rotate, print and save logs.
  • Create symbolic links.
  • Recreate Mac OS 9 Desktop alias.
  • Lock or unlock files and folders.


  • Change speed, duplex and MTU.
  • Optimize network settings for eight most common types of connections or apply the custom optimization.
  • Configure the Mac OS X file server.


  • Customize look and features of Finder, Dock and login window.
  • Modify hidden settings of Exposé, Mail, Safari and other applications.


  • Easily optimize your system.
  • Schedule maintenance tasks.

What's New:

Cocktail adds ability to search and delete corrupted preference files, adds a searchable database of Mac OS system error codes, adds a list of commonly used network ports, improves the clear log files procedure and fixes a number of minor bugs discovered in the previous release.

Previous versions: