EssentialPIM can store, manage and encrypt data: day/week/month/year schedules, to dos for keeping of all your tasks in shape, notes (pictures, tables, any formatted text), and contacts. It offers Rijndael 128-bit encryption, MS Outlook import/export, Windows address book import/export, search capabilities, versatile print-out capabilities, and adjustable contacts storage with unlimited fields.

EssentialPIM Pro is the advanced version of EssentialPIM, used by many thousands of users all over the world for organizing their personal and business lives. It features functions in demand from our huge group of EPIM users and only those essential features that actually are useful. All your data in one place, interconnected so you don’t have to mess around, and just the data you need without a lot of clutter.

What's New:

* Synchronization with Palm added! Go to Tools-> Options-> Palm Sync and select "Enable Palm Sync". Important! EPIM database should be closed for syncing with Palm. Palm synchronization works with HotSync v 6.x only
* Added option to select category representation in To Do (name, color or name+text)
* Options dialog redesigned
* EPIM Pro now reads INI files from the Free version upon install
* Single leaf in a note can be printed now
* Repeating tasks now get into trash as one
* Fixed error with RTF files import
* Fixed sorting by a new field in Contacts
* Fixed problems with showing 2- all-day tasks in Schedule
* Go To/Today commands work now
* AVs in Contacts view fixed
* Cut -> Paste of tasks in Schedule fixed
* Creation of rows/columns in Notes fixed
* Fixed representation hyperlinks in Notes
* Backup databases are now smaller in size