Record Internet radio streams as individual MP3 songsSchedule recordings of your favourite showsRecord multiple radio streams at the same timeImport radio streams from the Web and iTunes Radio TunerSplit and organise recordings by song, time, or sizeAutomatically save, file and tag MP3sExperience a new look'n'feel


· Fresh music everyday, hand-picked by DJs. Let RadioLover do all the hard work so you get new songs whenever you want.
· Meet friends, walk the dog, watch a film... Let RadioLover time-shift your favourite shows so you can listen to them at your convenience.
· Take your music and radio shows with you. Listen to recordings on your iPod or MP3 compatible device. Burn MP3s onto CD for listening in a car.
· Powerful and Fast
· Record multiple MP3 streams at the same time - so everybody gets the music they want. On a typical home broadband connection of 1.5Mbps, you can record over 10 high-quality 128kbps streams at the same time.
· RadioLover is highly efficient and uses very little CPU time, even when recording multiple streams. G3 and early G4 machines can run RadioLover all day and night without affecting other system use.

What's New:

· Fixed bug affecting Intel Macs where MP3 tags were partially corrupt.
· Libcurl updated to 7.15.5.


· Mac OS X 10.2 - 10.4
· RealPlayer 10 (for RealAudio support) free
· WindowsMedia Player 9 (for WindowsMedia support) free
· iCal 1.5.5 or greater (for scheduling)
· iTunes 4.0 or greater
· Safari 1.0 or greater
· QuickTime 6.4 or greater
· LAME MP3 Encoder (for real-time MP3 encoding) free
· Ogg Vorbis QT Component (for iTunes & QT playback) free.