POPFile is an email classification tool with a Naive Bayes classifier, POP3, SMTP, NNTP proxies and IMAP filter and a web interface. It runs on most platforms and with most email clients.

This version is a bug fix and minor feature release. It's also the first release to have the version number 1. This is because we've finally decided to stop pretending that POPFile is 'beta' software.

What's New:

POPFile is an email classification tool with a Naive Bayes classifier, POP3, SMTP, NNTP proxies and IMAP filter and a web interface. It runs on most platforms and with most email clients.

This is an important release for several reasons: it is the first to use a SQLite 3.x database, it is the first to offer a Mac OS X installer in addition to the usual cross-platform and Windows installer versions, and it is the first version released since the project moved to its new server.

1. Bug fixes

POPFile now recognizes short TLDs (Top Level Domains) correctly.
POPFile now handles quoted-printable encoded text in multiple lines correctly.
If a message without a SUBJECT line is received POPFile no longer inserts an
empty SUBJECT line.
Fixed the bug that sometimes resulted in POPFile concatenating headers into a single line instead of appending them.
POPFile now supports lowercase 'user', 'auth' commands.
The configuration file (popfile.cfg) is saved more safely.

2. POPFile improvements

POPFile now uses the SQLite 3.x database format by default instead of the older SQLite 2.x database format. In addition to reducing the size of the database (a database using the new 3.x format is about one third the size of the equivalent 2.x database) this change means that it is now easier to use another SQL database such as MySQL if you prefer.

If POPFile detects an old SQLite 2.x database when it starts up then it will automatically make a backup copy of the database and convert it to the new format. This conversion may take several minutes, or even more than half an hour if the database is very large.

POPFile now automatically reconnects to the MySQL server when it loses the connection to the server.

The global timeout can now be set to more than 5 minutes.

An error message is now returned to the email client if POPFile finds it is unable to make the necessary SSL connection to the mail server because of a missing SSL support file.

The number of 'uninitialized value' warnings output by POPFile when using an empty corpus has been reduced.

If the mail server does not respond, POPFile now closes the connection.

A new parameter 'pidcheck_interval' is added to set the interval to check the 'popfile.pid' file. If you set this parameter to '0', POPFile will no longer check the pid file.

For Japanese users the MeCab parser has been updated to v0.97.

The NNTP proxy now supports HEAD/BODY commands (thanks to bkeener).

3. Windows version improvements

The installer now handles any necessary database upgrades before it offers to start POPFile. This makes it easier for the installer to monitor the progress of these upgrades. Some database upgrades can take half an hour (or even longer) if the database is huge and this meant the previous installers
sometimes had to guess when a database upgrade had finished.

The installer has been updated to display the new SQLite 2.x to 3.x conversion messages.

The popfile-service.exe program no longer exits when the user who started the service logs out.

On some systems when POPFile's system tray icon was used it was possible for POPFile to lock up or freeze if the cursor was moved over the icon while POPFile was checking or downloading mail. For this release the system tray icon code has been re-written to reduce the chance that POPFile will lock up or freeze when the system tray icon is used.

4. UI improvements

The UI's CONFIGURATION page no longer allows the user to set the UI port and POP3 listen port to the same value.

5. Other changes

There is now an official Mac OS X installer for POPFile. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later.

For more information about the Mac OS X installer, please see: