The concept of the menu is used to provide a standard hierarchical browsing experience. This allows you to navigate your disk with only a few moves of the mouse without clicks, double clicks, selections, etc... This mechanism comes in really handy when you just need a random file somewhere in your disk.

Filegazer has unique feature that distinguishes it from any other tool, Finder included, lays in its preview capabilities. Forget about miniatures, thumbnails, or poor file representations. Filegazer provides a rich preview for any major file types such as images, text documents, audio and video files, web pages and more.

Filegazer provides image previews for major formats and it is optimized for JPEG images so that you can have a high performing tool for inspecting your digital camera photos. The text document preview includes RTFs, PDFs, and even Microsoft Word documents.

The fast navigation, which a hierarchical menu system offers, together with the unique preview feature, makes Filegazer a key application in your system that you won't be able to live without.

What's New:

  • Universal Binary... Intel Macs welcome!
  • Software update bug fix.