Velneo vDevelop is a programming tool for developing management and database applications in a completely visual way in 32 bits multi-task environments, developed initially for Windows. It uses the market's standards.

This is a completely operative Velneo version. Great VB alternative.

With Velneo, the design of the applications is based on the information that is going to be managed, its structure and the different binds between data. Later, visual objects associated with the datatbles are added, and so are the processes for task automation. This group of applications make up a Velneo project.

Velneo is made up of 2 basic programs: vDevelop (project editor and html editor) and vRunner (single-user project executor).

vDevelop: RAD. Fourth generation. It has the development environment in which applications are created and edited.

vRunner: It is the module that runs in single-user mode the projects that are built. If you have a Velneo license ( you can distribute it freely, alongside with your project.


* Allows high performance with great volume of information.
* It guarantees security and speed in access to databases.
* The development of the applications is 100% visual without losing power nor versatility.
* The visual objects are re-used from one application to another.
* The binds among the different databases are generated intelligently and automatically.
* a rdware requirements and resource consumption is minor.
* It handles objects of variable length in data base fields: text, pictures, OLE.