The script can validate user input for valid e-mail, credit card, and existent values. Send a custom confirmation e-mail with a file attached, or dump the field values into a MySQL database and a text file. Support for multiple file uploads in the HTML form.


* Create scripts in PHP, ASP or Perl
* Add professional scripts in your web site to process HTML forms and send the field values thru email without a knowledge of programming. Scripts can be in PHP, ASP or Perl language.
* Very simple to use
* Forms To Go is a very simple and powerful application that creates scripts in PHP, ASP and Perl to process your HTML forms and send all the form's field values thru email or save them in a text file on your server.
* Forms To Go had been created with the web designer in mind: no programming knowledge is necessary. Only basic information about your server configuration, which can be obtained from your system administrator or web hosting provider, and you're ready to create the script to process your form.
* Validate field values
* The script you create with Forms To Go will send all the field values thru email, but before that, it can check that the user had filled any value correctly, like a correct email address, or at least 2 chars in the name field.
* Accept file attachs in the forms
* You can accept file uploads from your users. Simply create the correct field in the form and instruct Forms To Go to create a script that will accept the file upload and send it attached to the email you'll receive.
* Send Confirmation Email/Autoresponder
* The user submitting the form can have an immediate answer in his mailbox, like an autoreponder. This email can also have an attached file, like a documentation manual or a brochure.