With features like live inline previewing of styles and a unique grouping system, it offers a lot of punch in a low-cost package.

Other features include CSS grabbing from other sites, favorites for often-used styles and font sets, etc.


· verriding: style any online/dynamic web site
· X-ray: see margins, paddings, etc at a glance
· Milestones: never lose your work
· Validation: delicious W3C problem checking
· Browser Integration: have tons of fun with your favorite sites

What's New:

· Completely ready for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
· CSSEdit can now open style sheets using an extension that's not ".css"
· Externally modified documents present an option to reload from disk
· Inserting styles is more context sensitive, especially when working in source code
· URLs can be dropped on the Dock icon to preview or extract
· Preview menu has new text size commands
· Fixed incorrect X-ray element matching
· Fixed various crashes and freezes
· Tons of other tweaks