Coollector is the mix between an encyclopedia of movies, a video collection manager (owned DVD, VHS, etc...) and a store catalog. All tightly combined !

In other words, Coollector blends 3 types of information into a unique interface:
your cinematographical culture + your personal collection + the videos available in store

1/ Coollector looks like a large movie encyclopedia. Only 14 MB to download, and you get a database of 33,000 movies and 68,000 persons.

2/ You can personalize all that data. You can rate all the movies and persons that you know (from "excellent" down to "awful"). You can tell which movies you own in your collection, with all the technical details. You keep track of the movies you loaned. You manage your wish list.

3/ All the movies in the encyclopedia are available in store, because the database is in fact the catalog of an online movie store. And we'll provide you with the catalogs of your favorite online movie stores.

This innovative 3-in-1 concept offers a completely new experience to movie lovers because each part interacts deeply and naturally with the others.

Coollector's interface is extremely user-friendly.
Coollector includes a very powerful and innovative search feature.
Coollector is a surprisingly lightweight application with low resource usage.
Coollector does not contain any spyware or malware.