Create istickies for yourselfSend istickies to other users. Email notification to non-users when an isticky is sent to themChange the look of the istickies on your desktop.

A tool that combines the usefulness of little desktop notes with the power of the Internet or even your own local area network. Sticking a note on the desktop of your colleague, friend or relative has never been so simple. Using the internet service is free of charge.

Quite new are the possibilities to send a sms with iSticky like you were sending a note and to use 128 bit AES encryption of notes, wether you send them or store them.

iSticky enables you to categorize your notes. In this way, it is possible to show one category at a time. iSticky also has its own note archive in which you can store the notes that you might need later.

Also your iPod can be used with iSticky to store notes. With a few clicks, it is possible to synchronize your iPod notesfolder or just store some new notes in it. This is a beautiful option to exchange notes between several computers without using a network.


- Really sticky notes
- No accidental editing by mouse or keystroke.
- LAN / Bonjour
- Stick real-time notes over your LAN.
- Internet
- Stick worldwide to other iSticky users.
- SMS your notes to a mobile phone.
- Elegant themes
- Give your notes your own appearance.
- Note vs. email
- Notes are notes, mail is mail.
- Layers
- Define the sticky area's.
- Archive
- Archive every note you want.
- Remind me
- Let notes remind you.
- Categorize
- Keep it tidy.
- Finder selection
- Link notes to documents.
- C.M. AES encryption
- Use encryption when you want.

What's New:

- Better iStickySubServer support
- Some other minor bugs

Alternatively you can download the latest stable version of this software.