Master Key 5.6.4 for Mac OS X

Master Key is a straightforward typing tutor program specifically written for the Mac.


Quick Facts

Free to Try
11.5 MB
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It offers instruction on QWERTY, Dvorak, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards and numeric keypad, history and statistics, multiple users and groups on or off a network, passwords and administrative tools.

Several possible network setups are possible for multiple classes and users, including mixed platform networks.


  • Standard Mac OS interface elements
  • Typing drills can be paused
  • Paginates large text files
  • Deleting to previous lines
  • Optional font sizes
  • No CD to insert to use
  • You can test Network Mode before purchasing
  • The software is maintained and updated, all ready for your move to OS X. Get all the latest improvements without repurchasing
  • The most options for network setup
  • Preferences can be centrally controlled or templated for user control
  • Uses the network efficiently by only storing dynamic information on it
  • Master Key Groups and Users can be created quickly with Passenger
  • Optional two-tier password system
  • Prompt technical support by email
  • The price is hundreds to thousands less than commercial programs
  • Quick fulfillment on purchase orders
  • Comprehensive individual statistics and history
  • ParaTyper game
  • Optional timed drills
  • Mastery goal for speed and accuracy with certificate print-out
  • Drills can be any plain text file
  • Typing instruction tips
  • Dvorak keyboarding support and drills
  • International keyboard support
  • Class Editor to change settings for groups
  • Optional restrictions on pupil activities
  • Optional audio feedback which can include high quality samples of actual typewriters.