It is designed to be fast, lightweight, and Just Work. It is released under the GNU General Public License.


· Have any number of named virtual 'screens' (up to available memory) to arrange your programs on. Have one screen to keep your mail programs, one for web-browsing, one for work. The possibilities are almost endless.
· Exciting switch transitions to make all your Windows/Linux using friends green with envy.
· Control switching via fully configurable 'hotkeys'.
· Get an instant overview of your desktops via a status-bar based 'pager'.
· Move windows around in desktops via a desktop-based 'pager'.
· Desktop pager compatible with CodeTek VirtualDesktop skins.
· Move windows between desktops easily via status-bar menu or Exposé-like 'Operations Menu'.
· Sticky window support - have one window on all desktops.
· Active edge support - switch desktop when the mouse moves past the edge of the screen.
· Desktop notification bezel - pops up on desktop switch to help you orient yourself.
· Current desktop name available on desktop background to help you keep track.
· Small, unobtrusive app - can be made to be totally invisible if you want. Designed to get out of your way and act like a part of the OS.