The GoldMemory is a diagnostic utility enabling thoroughly testing mistakeless functions of memory subsystem of PC on process architecture x86 basis. Special algorithms are used, which are very effective and do not directly
depend on actual type of memories or chipset used. These algorithms simulate very complicated operations connected with intensive use of the whole memory subsystem.
Separate modifications of algorithms mentioned are able to detect errors which appear as result of wrong function of hardware - wrong memory modules,motherboard,cache memory,chipset,CPU.

What's new:

Version 6.92 SHAREWARE 07/03/23 (released MAR 23th 2007)

- added new floppy diskette installation for Windows ( WinImage from Gilles Vollant Software )
- (R) Sound Alarm function added
- (R) command line option /A (Disable Sound Alarm) added
- (R) function Error(s) History View added (up to 256 pages of errors)
- error(s) reporting changed (scrolling/buffer)
- program termination/test aborting reworked
- other code optimizations/bugfixes

(R) - Registered Version ONLY