You know the problem: The new digicam takes great photos, but they are too big to send them via mail. Or your grandma has a new camera, but the last 5 Pictures took you a half hour to download. Tinypic can solve the problem an shrink digital images to 1/20 of the original size without too big quality loss. This means you can send up to 150 images with one mail! The usage is that simple that even your grandma will be pleased. Just drag the pictures on the program - ready.

The pictures will be resized and saved again. You can select different ways to preserve your original pictures:

  1. Save to the same folder with extended name (i.e. K1024_oldname.JPG)
  2. Save to a subfolder (i.e. K1024\)
  3. Override the original files (!) Be careful: the original files will be lost.
  4. Select any folder as output path.

The result files have a size which is suitable for mailing. TinyPic automatically selects the best compromise between quality and size without asking the user too much questions. The files will be shrinking to 3-10% of the original size without a too big quality loss.

What's New:

  • New image size 1600 x 1200 for archive conversion
  • New "active" protocol: You an click on the protocol window to select files after processing
  • Open the target folder with a click on the protocol window
  • All converted Files can be copied to the clipboard with one click
  • 1:1 preview and comparison of converted images
  • lossless rotation with L/R-button
  • repeat conversion with one click
  • Multi processor enabled to speed up the conversion