Gradekeeper is as easy to use as your paper gradebook. You can record grades and attendance for the entire school year. You can add students, assignments, and scores to your gradebook by just clicking and typing. But Gradekeeper does so much more. Once you try Gradekeeper, you'll throw away your paper gradebook!

Gradekeeper is powerful, easy to use gradebook software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Palm OS.

Gradekeeper works together with StarQuiz (to make it easier to give tests and quizzes and have the results automatically added to your gradebook), Edline and School Center (to make it easy to give parents and students secure access to grades and other information online).

More than 3000 schools and 100 school districts across the United States and Canada use Gradekeeper. Take a quick tour of Gradekeeper and see how easy managing your gradebook can be. Read what teachers are saying about Gradekeeper. Then download Gradekeeper for Windows or Macintosh and try it for yourself.

What's New:

  • Added Clear Recent Files command
  • New assignments will use most recent date
  • Assignment scores report includes letter grades
  • Non-graded assignments are not included in reports
  • Blank scores will no longer be dropped as worst scores
  • Missing extra credit assignment scores are considered excused
  • Palm application will no longer allow attendance outside of school year
  • Can send email reports with server requiring TLS or SSL secure connection
  • Missing assignments report includes signature line when showing one per page
  • Missing assignments report includes student summary when showing one per page