Build Your Own Lyrics Collection

KaraTunes puts all your lyrics data in one single database, letting you save, modify, and search lyrics with an easy-to-use interface. By supporting the LRC lyrics format, KaraTunes now allows you to view lyrics synchronized with your songs.

Integrated with iTunes

KaraTunes can automatically search and display the lyrics of the song being played by iTunes. When you are browsing your music library in iTunes, you can immediately launch or switch to KaraTunes and view the current song's lyrics by choosing from a menu. KaraTunes also allows you to import all your songs in the iTunes library and search for their lyrics at one time with a single click.

Search Lyrics Database with Ease

KaraTunes automatically looks for lyrics online. You can also input a song name and/or artist name to find lyrics manually. If your song cannot be found in the online databases, KaraTunes can also display Google search results.

iPod and iPhone Support

You can easily upload lyrics to early iPod models as notes, and organize them by artist or album. When accessing lyrics on your iPod, press the Center button to listen to the song you are viewing. KaraTunes also lets you copy your lyrics to the lyrics field of your iTunes tracks, so you can view them on your iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod touch or iPhone. (Latest iPod software is required.)

Synchronized Lyrics

KaraTunes supports the LRC format, a lyrics format which can synchronize lyrics with songs. Now you can listen to your songs and watch the lyrics, karaoke-style! With the LRC Editor, you can easily add LRC data to your songs.

Export to QuickTime

You can watch synchronized lyrics even if you have left KaraTunes. Simply export synchronized lyrics and music to QuickTime movies, and then watch them on your Mac, PC and iPhone/iPod touch. With the latest version of KaraTunes, you can even add lyrics to music videos. If you have QuickTime Pro, save synchronized lyrics as QuickTime text tracks for advanced editing.

What's New:

  • Improved OS X Lion compatibility.
  • Minor bug fixes.