REALbasic is the powerful integrated development environment (IDE) that enables users at all levels to create powerful stand-alone, native applications quickly and easily, without having to learn a complex programming language such as C++ or the details of the Macintosh Toolbox.

Create software faster, enjoy increased productivity
REALbasic is a rapid application development (RAD) environment that provides developers a marked increase in productivity over other cross-platform development tools. REALbasic includes drag-and-drop capability to enable you to quickly create a user interface design, then incorporate the code behind it to add power and functionality.

Migrate Visual Basic applications to Linux and Mac OS X
REALbasic is highly compatible with Visual Basic, so Visual Basic developers are productive very quickly with REALbasic. REALbasic also comes with a utility to help convert Visual Basic projects to REALbasic where they can be compiled for Windows, Mac, even Linux – with the click of a checkbox.

Create native cross-platform software
REALbasic 2006 runs on an creates software for Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 and XP, Mac OS X and Linux, all from a single set of source code. REALbasic incorporates platform-specific intelligence, like user interface widgets, so software created with REALbasic looks and feels native, regardless of the development platform you created it on.

Create powerful database applications
Build powerful database applications with REALbasic's built-in REAL SQL Database, based on the SQLite public domain database engine. Connect to external multi-user database engines using REALbasic Professional Edition.

Create graphics for multimedia applications or games
Use REALbasic's support for standard image formats for vector graphics, (such as those commonly created with Adobe Illustrator). Use REALbasic's Real-time 3D Engine to add interactive real-time rendered three-dimensional graphics with built-in tools. Also, use REALbasic's Sprite Animation Engine to develop interactive sprite surfaces with collision detection already built-in.

REALbasic Standard Edition
Runs on a single platform and creates applications for that platform. Allows you to test-drive Professional Edition features like cross-platform compilation; test-drive applications will run for five minutes.

REALbasic Professional Edition
Runs on a single platform and compiles applications cross-platform, for all three platforms, Windows, Macintosh and Linux.


- Mac OS X 10.2.8 or better
- 512 MB of available RAM
- 600 Mhz G3

- Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better
- 768 MB of available RAM
- 800 Mhz G4

What's New:

- [Fix] Mac: resizing a window with a hidden HTMLViewer no longer causes the HTMLViewer to redraw itself.
- [Fix] Pictures, Sounds, Movies and raw data resources that are dragged into the project are now copied directly from disk into the application's bundle when creating Mac applications instead of copying only the data fork over.
- [Fix] Str now displays up to 7 significant digits again.
- [Fix] Locked controls are read properly from VCP files.
- [Fix] Multiple resource files with the same name are now copied into the Mac bundle's Resources directory with unique names.
- [Fix] Declares using default parameter values (which are rare, except for auto-generated plugin code) no longer cause crashes when compiling.
- [Fix] Setting controls locked / unlocked properly dirties the document so it save correctly.