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Saft 12.0.0 Beta 4 for Mac OS X

Saft is a Safari plugin to add features like full-screen browsing, searchable bookmarks and history, and much more...

Older Mac OS
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Alternatively you can download the latest stable version of this software.

Saft is a Safari plugin to add features like full-screen browsing, searchable bookmarks and history, URL shortcuts, kiosk mode and more.


- Add bookmark folder here and add bookmark here in every bookmark menus
- Add title, timestamp, URL and page number when printing
- Always open browser window in tab
- Auto save and restore opened browser windows at quitting and start
- Back/Forward in contextual menu
- Block HTML refreshing in front-most browser
- Block images and plugins
- Bookmark search
- Bookmark this group of tabs
- Control-1 to 9 to popup bookmark menu or open bookmark
- Control-drag page
- Crash protection
- Customizable HTTP timeout
- Customized Google search field
- Do not allow scripts to bring tab to front
- Enter/ctrl-enter to go to next/previous links (like in Google)
- Extended search from contextual menu
- External text editor support for TextArea
- Full-screen browsing
- Growl support
- History search
- Install debug menu
- Kiosk mode
- Max screen for normal browser windows
- One-page PDF export
- Open tab in new window
- Option to use Aqua interface
- Original URLs in Finder comments of downloaded files, exported PDFs and saved pages
- Save and load browser windows
- Separator in bookmark menu
- Sidebar
- Sort bookmarks in every bookmark menus
- Type-ahead searching
- Undo support in HTML TextArea and TextField
- URL shortcuts
- URL traverse with return-key
- Workaround of click-through bug in WebKit.


- Mac OS X 10.4.7
- Safari 2.0.4 (419.3).

What's New:

- New feature: Quiet on closing brower windows (b3)
- Improvement: Safari 3.0.3 Public Beta support on MacOS 10.4.10 only (b5)
- Improvement: Safari 3.0.2 Public Beta support on MacOS 10.4.9 only (b2)
- Improvement: Safari 3 Public Beta support on MacOS 10.4.9 only (b1)
- Bug fix: Not able to enter international characters in the input fields(b3)
- Bug fix: Safari hangs when quitting in some case with Saft 9.0b3 (b4)
- Bug fix: Some Saft contextual menu items missing in Saft 9.0b1-4 (b5)