It can terminate almost any process on a Windows machine, including any service and process running in the system. Even protected Microsoft system processes can be terminated. All of this can be done in the matter of milliseconds.

The speed that KillProcess can kill your applications with is determined by your computer speed and is not restricted by any other settings within the OS itself. KillProcess is way more powerful than the Task Manager in other terms than speed. It can kill multiple processes, either by multi-select or by clever use of “kill lists”. Using these techniques it is possible to “batch” terminate processes, quickly and swiftly, with a click of a button.

KillProcess can also scan the running processes on the computer, and kill them on sight, much like an anti-spyware application would. In KillProcess however you are in charge of which applications should be allowed to run or not – and that applies to the computer as long as you say so.

What's New:

  • It is now possible to remember the size of the main window thanks to suggestion by Steve 2007-02-05
  • Made some improvements to the COM interface in KillProcess.dll added documentation for it in the application help.
  • Fixed so that the application will not hang when trying to show other hung applications
  • Improved the show window function to be a little more clever.
  • Improved so that it is possible to select for which user the Autorun feature shall affect (Current or All users)
  • Fixed bug in Replace Task Manager feature after bugreport from Carey Barnett 2007-04-11
  • Fixed the application layout of buttons and menuitems according to Microsoft GUI Guidelines & Standards
  • Improved the visibility of the "Resurrect Process" feature after suggestion made by Mtr Alshammari 2007-05-22
  • This includes introducing a new button for the feature in the main dialog and moving it in the application menus.
  • Fixed so that application windows be resized too small.
  • Upgraded to NSIS version 2.27
  • Possible to multiselect processes in kill list editor after suggestion made by Mluse 2007-06-08
  • Increased size of kill list editor
  • Changed so that the scanning feature will be more vicious and scan more actively for all running processes, since the previous functionallity confused a lot of users...