Currently RUMped supports a DX-pedition mode, major contests and a general contest mode for unsupported contests. Further you can create your own contest rules.

RUMped can use cocoaModem2.0 as modem for RTTY, BPSK and Hellschreiber.

Download the package and move the unzipped folder to your application folder, or wherever you want. Since version 3 MySQL is not longer required!

Supported rigs
Since the program is made for myself it can support my equipment only, which I can test:

  • TRCVR: Major brands are supported
  • CW: Winkeyer by K1EL (see www. or K2/K3 build in keyer
  • RTTY: Pakratt PK-232, SCS-PTC Plus, cocoaModem2.0 , K3 (for TX only)
  • PSK: cocoaModem2.0
  • Hellschreiber: cocoaModem2.0
  • The microHAM devices microKeyer II and digiKeyer II are fully supported for all operating modes.

Log Features

  • Real time computation for multipliers and points
  • Partial call check during typing, multiple master databases are included.
  • Similar call check
  • Prev. QSO check
  • ESM mode (,Enter‘ sends messages)
  • Auto cq
  • CW out via WinKeyer or K2/K3
  • CW type-ahead function (WinKeyer only)
  • TRX control
  • Work all operating modes in the same interface
  • Multiple (scrolling) band maps
  • DX Cluster via Telnet integrated
  • DXCC ,CQ/ITU-zone, heading and distance calculations
  • Continent, callsign, rates, DXCC, multiplier and best time statistics
  • Keyboard mode for CW and RTTY
  • Grayline map and other tools for grayline dxing
  • Memory pad for S&P
  • Log export in ADIF, Cabrillo, Stützerbach, text, csv and DF3CB logsearch