Xintegrity Professional enables detection of all changes to Windows systems, whether malicious, accidental or during new software installation.

Xintegrity Professional detects all changes to the directory structure, changes to the registry, changes to files security access permissions, and changes to the contents of files.

Xintegrity Professional detects all files and folders that have been added or removed, files and folders that have been moved to the recycle bin and files and folders that have been created then moved to the recycle bin between database checks.

Subtle changes to the registry which normally go unnoticed can seriously impact network security. Xintegrity Professional's powerful registry modification detection abilities will detect new registry subkeys, removed registry subkeys and changed registry values. This detection ability includeschanges to normally hidden registry keys such as the SAM and SECURITY keys.

Xintegrity Professional also detects any changes to the security access permissions of any file, including whether any new accounts have been created, accounts that have been removed, and changes to every security permission associated with each account.

Xintegrity Professional additionally detects any change to the contents of any file. Xintegrity Professional will detect the smallest possible change to a file of unlimited size, and this protection is provided to any file type including operating system files. Checking algorithms include MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512.
Xintegrity Professional can automatically create protected backup files [optionally encrypted with 256 bit AES] which provides the ability of restoring a pre-modification version of the file. Xintegrity can be configured to automatically restore modified files without any further interaction.

All of Xintegrity Professional's database files, report files and log files are encrypted with 256 bit AES which provides the highest possible level of protection.