Reduce your impact effortlessly with Granola

There are any number of great ways to help save the world. Recycling, eating locally, replacing your light bulbs, walking everywhere - these are all powerful ways to lower your cost to the environment, but they all cost YOU something in return, whether time or money. Furthermore, it can be difficult to visualize the effects of your actions. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to measurably reduce your environmental impact without a lot of cost or work?

Granola gives you a way to do just that. With Granola intelligent software power management, you can reduce the energy consumption of your laptops, PCs, and servers by 15-35% without any impact on the way you use these devices. Whether you use Granola as part of your own personal quest to save the world, or as a way to help conserve in your business, you can know that you are part of a thriving community of individuals and businesses worldwide all saving energy.

Granola saves you more

In the United States, electricity production accounts for about 40% of all CO2 emissions, on par with many other countries. Computing resources account for an increasing percentage of the consumption of that electricity. Clearly then, we need innovative ways of reducing the power consumption of our computers!

Unlike other software power management, Granola reduces the power of your system by 15-35% while you use it. For an average desktop that spends most of its time powered on, that is the equivalent reduction in CO2 as planting 1-3 trees. Every year. Get started by downloading now.

Granola bothers you less

Many people disable power management because it intrudes on their activities. Who hasn't had a monitor turn off while reading a long document, or had their computer become slow to respond after the hard drive spins down? It is this gap between what people expect and what power management actually delivers that prompts people to disable power management, wasting power in the process.

By applying powerful workload monitoring and machine learning, Granola can adapt to your usage patterns. In short, Granola will match your power management to your expectations. This means that your power management can do its job - namely, saving energy - while you do yours. We have done extensive benchmarking showing that Granola reduces power while maintaining performance.

Granola just works

Your computer has lots of power settings. To keep it running efficiently, you need to keep changing these settings based on what you are doing. Reducing your computers' energy waste the old fashioned way can be time consuming and tricky. Power management shouldn't have to be so painful.

Installing Granola is simple and easy, and takes only seconds. Once it's installed, Granola operates autonomously, which means that you don't have to spend your time configuring it and reconfiguring it. Granola just works, doing what it is supposed to do - reducing your energy consumption - leaving you do what you're supposed to do.