This is a DOS-bootable tool for changing various ATA features. The Feature Tool allows you to control some of the features of the IBM Deskstar and Travelstar high performance ATA hard disk drives and supports 48-bit addressing, so it will work with the new large capacity drives. This version adds support for our latest drives.

-Enable or disable the read-ahead or write cache.

-Change the drive Automatic Acoustic Management settings to the:
Lowest acoustic emanation setting (Quiet Seek Mode), or
Maximum performance level (Normal Seek Mode).

-Change the predefined capacity of the drive. This option can be used in situations where there is a BIOS limitation and the drive is not recognized. See the Users Guide for specific details.

-Switch the Ultra DMA mode (replaces the IBMATASW utility)

-Change Advanced Power Mode - allows you to change between the lowest power consumption and the highest power consumption (maximum performance level).

-Show Drive Temperature - shows the current drive temperature in Celsius and Farenheit.