Turbo Torrent is a P2P file-sharing freeware fully compatible with Bittorrent, which is one of the most popular P2P protocol designed for high-speed distribution of large files (i.e., 100MB or GB sized files).

Turbo Torrent is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use Bittorrent client. It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter and more.

Turbo Torrent is also the most visually appealing as well as feature rich Bittorrent client. It aims to provide a gross amount of statistical and network data in a visually empowered format.

Turbo Torrent is the only Bittorrent client that comes complete with a built-in Web based Torrent Search Engine, so you can search for files without the need to rummage around countless forums and Web sites.

Turbo Torrent is not advertising supported, nor does it require registration, and no information is collected from or about product users. It is very small and easy to use and comes complete with full install and uninstall wizard.

Turbo Torrent Features:

Built-in Torrent Search Engine (Web based).
• Multiple simultaneous downloads, ability to select download files in one torrent and set file priority.
• Queuing and downloading of multiple torrents. (Starting, stopping, pausing, queue up, queue down etc)
• Ability to limit the upload speed as well as download speed.
• Intelligent Connection Optimize, Auto Optimization for different connections, runs well using all default settings.
• Intelligent Rate Control, optimize the upload distribution in order to get the max download rate.
• Intelligent Disk Allocating, no long-time disk allocation, also decrease the disk fragment to almost zero.
• Intelligent Hash Scan, no time-consuming scanning when seeding / resume.
• Ability to block IP temporarily or permanently.
• Support Muti-tracker torrent format, and utf-8 extension, UDP tracker Protocol.
• Real-time list of peer addresses and their statistics. Reverse DNS toggle-able.
• Advanced Progress bar graphically illustrates which pieces of the file have been downloaded.
• A graph to display upload and download rates over time. Each torrent being downloaded has it's own graph record.
• Optional Web Interface for remote adminstration.
• Friends Priority System. Friends IP address can be set to get upload preference if they are downloading the same file.
• Temporary upload priority can be given to peers by right clicking them in the list.
• Peers can be banned by right clicking them in the list.
• Detailed message view for statistics and error reporting.
• System tray icon graphically displays upload download statistics.
• Can be set to use user customizable folders for storing torrent and incoming files.
• User customizable upload choker (the choker determines which peer you upload to):
• User customizable color settings to change look and feel.
• User customizable global upload rate.
• User customizable upload behavior (upload rate / number of uploads)
• User customizable listening ports, ip bindings
• Multi-Tracker support
• Written in Python. Utilizes wxWidgets.