This download creates a self-booting DOS diskette to run the DFT utility. The Drive Fitness Test (DFT) provides a quick, reliable method to test SCSI and IDE hard disk drives, including Serial-ATA IDE drives. The Drive Fitness Test analyze function performs read tests without overwriting customer data. (However, Drive Fitness Test is bundled with some restoration utilities that will overwrite data.)

Supports SCSI and IDE drives, including Serial-ATA drives

Note: Currently, the Drive Fitness Test does not support Microdrives, or Travelstar E drives.Bad Links

Analyzes drive fitness

  • Three modes of operation:
    • High confidence level Quick test (unmatched in the drive industry)
    • Full media scan
    • Exerciser
  • Performs real-time analysis of you drive to quickly determine whether the drive has a problem.
  • Identifies system problems such as cables, temperature, etc.
  • Automatically logs significant drive parameters to track potential impacts to the operation of the drive.

Restores drive fitness

Note: these utilities will overwrite customer data and allow repair of bad sectors.

  • Erase Bootsector utility (use DFT Utility option: Erase Boot Sector)
  • Low-level format utility (use DFT Utility option: Erase Disk)


  • Drive information
  • S.M.A.R.T. Operations for IDE hard disk drives

What's New:

  • Added new product support