Simple and secure file encryption

Cloudfogger encrypts all your files easily, quick and secure using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), which has even been approved by the NSA for top secret information.

This client-side encryption and decryption on your local computer or mobile devices ensures that nobody will be able to access your protected documents and files without your password.

This protects your privacy, no matter where you save your data and how you transfer it.

For Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and others

Cloudfogger uses transparent encryption, which makes daily use fast and simple: After you activate encryption for a folder on your system via Explorer context menu (e.g. your Dropbox), all files are written to your hard drive securely encrypted - and are also securely uploaded to the cloud.

While you are signed in you can still access all your files as you always did - without changing your workflow. Manual encryption and decryption of your files is not necessary with Cloudfogger. Does it get any easier?

Secure sharing on any media

Cloudfogger-protected files can also be shared easily with others. You can for example use your shared Dropbox folders securely together with others - without the need of giving them your Cloudfogger credentials.

Also, distributing files via e-mail or USB sticks is easy due to the portable Cloudfogger file format.

You can even securely encrypt your e-mail attachments with the included AddIn for Microsoft Outlook.