If when working with the computer a banner (ad's module) appears on the screen and requests sending sms to a specified phone number, it means that your computer is infected with ransom malware. Such malware are created to block access to a computer or restrict access to some functions and request a ransom to restore computer functionality.

In order to fight ransom malware Kaspersky Lab specialists designed a special utility Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker. The utility can be launched when your computer is started from Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 and allows working in graphic and text modes of Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

The Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker utility is designed to disinfect registries of all operating systems installed on the computer (including operating systems installed on different partitions or in different folders on one partition) and disinfect user registry trees. Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker does not perform any actions with files (in order to disinfect files you can use Kaspersky Rescue Disk).

How to start computer from disk with Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker

Kaspersky Rescue Disk recording to CD/DVD or USB removable device should be performed on not infected computer connected to the Internet.

  1. Download the disk with Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker
  2. Record the image to a CD/DVD or removable device
  3. Configure the computer
  4. Boot your computer from Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10