Sleipnir is a super advanced web browser with easy installation designed to work seemingly on your computer. You can import bookmarks, history and much more from previous versions and other browsers, for a painless transition.

High-speed feed reader for faster information

An ultra high-speed feed reader has been integrated into the browser. Feeds can be grouped and downloaded so it is possible to view them offline too. You can start using it as soon as you have loaded the list from Google Reader.

Gathering social media information

You can obtain feeds related to keywords of your choice from a variety of different social media sites. There is no need to log in. There is also no need to be a user of that media service. The set-up can be easily performed from Feed Central.

Feeds you don't want are not shown

Cut down adverts and undesirable feeds using the filter function. Use this to start a noise-free comfortable feed life.

Switching from Google Reader is also easye

The vast number of extensions created for Google Chrome can also be used, You can add the function of your choise to greatly support your everyday browsing.

Always with your smartphone

Let us say you want to make a reservation for a restaurant to visit on the weekend. Sleipnir 3 lets you call a phone number from your desktop browser with just one click. Sleipnir 3 links with smartphones using push notifications, so you can make phone calls and open maps from your smartphone immediately.

Send pages from your desktop to your smartphone

Pages you are viewing on your desktop can be immediately opened in your smartphone. Checking out an event page later while on the move, sending texts to your friend, you can use actions like these as if your desktop and smartphone are one.

Call phone numbers with one click

Just one click is needed to make a phone call. In Sleipnir 3, text that is recognized as phone numbers are automatically turned into links so you can be making a phone call in just a few seconds.

Check addresses in maps on your smartphone

Text can be sent to your smartphone after selecting them and right-clicking. When addresses are sent, you can open them in map apps. Travel destinations that you viewed on your desktop no longer have to be rechecked on you way.

Integrated share, save to cloud, read later

In Sleipnir 3, a number of different web apps are integrated, such as Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox. Share, save to cloud, read later, by bringing together everyday web apps, you can use your desktop and smartphone like they are one.

A number of web apps integrated into your browser

We have prepared Fenrir Pass Connect so that web apps that required account information to be input for each device can be used with ease on your desktop and smartphone. Linking is safe with the OAuth verification. And more...

Tweet and share when you want while browsing

Whenever you feel the urge, you can share pages and images you are browsing through on Twitter or Facebook. The set of web apps to use can be changed every time.

Read later like when using bookmarks

As this is integrated into the browser, you can add using read later just like when adding bookmarks.

Pages and images immediately sent to the cloud

You can whole pages as PNG image files and save them to Dropbox and Evernote.

Smooth operations and high-speed browsing

With the implementation of WebKit as the default engine, the basic performance including page display speed and stability has been vastly improved. You can also experience the latest web contents using HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS 3 without any stress.

Unlimited extensions

The vast number of extensions created for Google Chrome can also be used. You can add the functions of your choice to greatly support your everyday browsing.

Close, reload, restore using the variety of gestures

Operate tabs at high-speed by performing gestures while holding down the right-click button.

What's New:

  • Modifications
    • WebKit changed to Blink (Chrome/28.0.1500.71)
    • Importing from Google Reader using FeedReader stopped
  • Fixed Problems
    • Certain bookmarks not being displayed when bookmark panel folders are expanded fixed
    • Security settings not being inherited when opening links in separate tab fixed