System Monitor II is a free desktop gadget for Windows which checks memory usage and core CPU usage in real-time and lets you monitor system performance. It can display the system's overall memory usage and CPU usage of each core in a multi-core processing environment. It has the ability to show the percentage usage and temperature of each of the core associated with the processor, which makes it better than the windows default Task Manager. So whether you have a single core, dual core, quad-core, 10-core, or even higher core processor, you can monitor the percentage usage and temperature of each independent core through this powerful application.

System Monitor II displays the memory and CPU usage in percentage, graphical representation, and bar form to better analyze the CPU and Memory performance of your system. It shows the overall memory usage, Page File usage, and RAM usage in bar form as well as in percentage form.


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What's New

  • Improve code.
  • Fixed bug.